Gain valuable insite from prospects that didn't or have not yet purchased from you

You're hot prospect suddenly goes warm... or even cold. At that moment, you're asking yourself "why?"

The HooReview prospect tool has been created to make it really easy to gather anonymous feedback about your approach, pricing, process and more from customers that either put the decision to use your services on hold, decided to use another professional, or purchased a product from a competing organization. 

How to use the HooReview prospecting tool. 
  1. First, reach out to the prospect, THANKING them for the opporunity to present your product or services. 
  2. Ask the prospect if they would be willing to help you in your sales process to future customers by taking two minutes to answer a 4 question survey. 
  3. Let them know that the survey is anonymous.
  4. Upon receiving permission, send your SURVEY link to the prospect by email or text. 
There are a number of immediate benefits to using the HooReview SURVEY tool: 
  1. Quickly learn if their is an element of your approach, process or product offering that is confusing, cumbersome or priced out of the market. 
  2. Quickly understand your competitors products and processes and and how they might compare to yours 
  3. A prospect may decide to offer feedback with the EXACT obstacle to doing business with you while leaving the door open to allow for an immediate purchase
  4. A prospect may indicate that they do want to purchase your product or service but at a later date. 
*The default setting for the SURVEY is "anonymous". HooReview feels the most authentic approach is to reach back out to a given prospect only if permission is given on the form along with contact information. 

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